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Top Three Things To Do In Milford Sound New Zealand

Located in the south-west region of the south island, Milford Sound is one of the most fascinating places in New Zealand. A trip to this country is not truly complete without visiting this tourist destination hub. The area has magnificent mountains towering over the skyline and azure blue waterfalls. The breathtaking views that you experience while travelling to this place, the fresh air, and the beautiful nature scenes will give you a sensational experience. If you come to see it as one of many New Zealand destinations by also visiting the south, it is something you will remember all your lifetime.

Visit Milford Sound Discovery Centre
If you love aquatic life, this floating underwater observatory will give you a chance to enjoy a thrilling view of an oceanic ecosystem. It is a viewing compartment located ten meters below the ocean, and it provides one with an insight of what lies below Milford Sound. You will see ancient sea creatures like black coral, anemones, starfish, red coral, and other fish. There are also ancient coral trees which are more than 200 years old. The whole experience is mesmerizing.

Tramping tracks and trails
Hiking the Milford Track is another thing you can’t miss while on a trip to Milford Sound. It the most popular trail in New Zealand and it extends to a distance of 54km. It begins at the top of Lake Te Anau, cuts through the magnificent beech forests of Clinton Valley and leads to Milford. The track area is known for having fickle weather and heavy rainfall. It requires one to be moderately fit to make it through the whole distance which can take approximately four days. Remember to carry a waterproof jacket and proper footwear if you want to enjoy the walk. October through April is the busiest season of this trail.

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Cruise tours
Cruise tours are the last thing you want to miss when you visit Milford Sound. It is the best way to view the size and magnificence of the place. You may see Dolphins, penguins or Orca whales during a cruise. The mountain peaks appear to be reaching the sky while the waterfalls, with some being as high as 3000 feet, splash to the sea. The falls’ stunning beauty increases after a heavy rain. Cruises are available daily, and some offer extras like lunch. They depart from the wharf visitor center and last for one to two hours. You can also book a scenic flight from here to get an aerial view of the place. A Milford Sound cruise is a must-do if want to get you a front row seat to the splendid scenery of this tourist center.

Milford Sound is a natural wonder that will make you enjoy every second of your NZ holiday. The spectacular sights of enormous mountains rising from the sea surface and striking waterfalls dropping from great heights to the sea waters are amazing. If you want a great destination to spend your holiday in New Zealand, Milford Sound is the place to go. With its magnificent cliffs, the hiking trails, wildlife, waterfalls, and many more attractions, this destination has all it takes to make you forget about the worries of life.